Les fille déjouer les codes

Girls, outwit the codes!

GSF organizes a tour of events for girls 7 years and older in several cities in Quebec.

+ more than 1000 participants


This project aims to propose concrete actions for girls aged 7 years and + to promote digital literacy and innovation, through events and activities of initiation and improvement to digital/technological tools.

This tour is a continuation of already existing initiatives to promote the scientific, digital and technological fields. However, it is distinguished by the particularity of its target audience: young girls.

These activities will be supported by professionals who will come to share their experiences in order to discuss future career opportunities.

Girls, break the codes! in pictures:




«I am extremely proud to be able to count on the team of the organization Grandir sans frontières à Verdun and happy to support them in their mission to improve access to technology for all through digital education. With the NovaScience program, our government is reiterating the importance it places on promoting scientific careers among young people and helping to increase their motivation and perseverance in school. «Isabelle Mélançon, MNA for Verdun

The impact on youth :

  • To give young people and especially young girls a taste for scientific, digital and technological fields and genius.
  • Contribute to the development of the next generation in the S&T, ICT and Digital sector and present the full range of possible careers.
  • Provide access to digital and technological tools to young people and specifically to young girls in Quebec.

In addition, many partners are invited to participate in these events in order to promote their actions.

In the media:

Our Executive Director and spokesperson for GSF, Anaïs Michot, was able to speak with two journalists during our visit to Chicoutimi and Sherbrooke.

  • Interview with the journalist Doris Larouche from the Radio-Canada radio show: ICI
  • Interview with journalist Émilie Richard during a news report for Radio-Canada Estrie (at 17 minutes and 38 seconds): HERE

This tour of events across Quebec is part of the Educ@TIC 3.0 project carried by our organization and realized thanks to funding from:


and many local partners in the different cities of intervention contribute to the success of this project.

Where and when?:

The Girls, Outwit the Codes! event consists of a 6-city tour where dozens of young girls will be introduced to the world of science and technology.

On the program from November 2018 to February 2020:

  • Winter 2018/ Spring 2019:

Saguenay: Sunday, November 25, 2018, at the Salle du Parc de la Rivière-du-Moulin (completed)

Trois-Rivières: Sunday, February 24, 2019, at the Salle Émerillon in the Parc de l’Île-Saint-Quentin (completed)

Sherbrooke: Sunday, March 10, 2019, at Jean Byrns Hall in Parc André-Viger (completed)

Gatineau: Saturday, April 27, 2019, in the Agora room (Gilles-Rocheleau) of the Maison du citoyen de Gatineau! (finished)

  • Fall 2019/ Winter 2020:

Quebec City: Saturday, October 12, 2019, in the Plaza I and II rooms of the Plaza Québec Hotel (completed)

Montreal: Saturday, February 22, 2020, Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, Montreal (completed)


Results of the initiative

The Girls, Outwit the Codes! tour is now over. The initiative, which began in November 2018 and ended in February 2020, was a great success with teachers, participating girls and their families! 

Thanks to the fruitful collaborations between Grandir Sans Frontières and its 27 partners across 7 cities in the province of Quebec, 1489 young participants were able to learn about science from a new perspective and to learn more about digital technologies, all in an educational and fun setting.

More than 70 workshops were offered to young girls as part of this project, allowing them to develop a taste for scientific and technological fields, and also to develop a new interest in pursuing a future career in these predominantly male sectors.


A few quotes :

«Constance Lachapelle, a young girl, was happy to be able to participate in the activity. I really like robots and computers,» she says. I think they’re a great way to get ahead. I don’t want to be a scientist, but I’m having fun! «»  » 

La Tribune

Read the full article HERE


That’s why Cléophée Renaud loves science! Thanks to the event Les filles Déjouez les Codes ! she learns vinyl cutting, 3D printing and robot programming». 

Radio-Canada Estrie

Read the full article HERE


Thank you to our many partners for their involvement.

  • Mock Up Workshop

  • Canada Learning Code

  • Concertation Montréal

  • Cosmodome

  • Sirius Astronomy Club

  • Space for life

  • Alpha Women

  • Kids Code Jeunesse

  • The Mobile Factory of the Outaouais

  • La Maison des Jeunes de RDP (Broadcasting partner)

  • The First Peoples Innovation Centre

  • The Center for the Integration of Young Immigrant Women (CEJFI)

  • The Circle of Young Naturalists

  • The Curious

  • The RDP Team

  • Les Scientifines

  • Mechatronics Arts

  • Musée Boréalis – Culture Trois Rivières

  • Digital Spring

  • Studio Desgraff

  • Ubisoft Saguenay

  • Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

  • Laval University – Department of Statistics and Mathematics – Quebec Mathematical Games Association

  • Université Laval – Department of Architecture – Fablab ÉAUL

  • Université Laval – Department of Chemistry – Chemical Attraction

  • Université Laval – Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

  • University of Ottawa – Faculty of Engineering

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